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The Ewell Derby – Annual Duck Race

Published on 17th April 2014

It’s all about the ducks…

This is the third year that The Personal Agent are taking part in Epsom and Ewell’s, possibly most exciting and loved, sport event: the Duck Race. As an annual tradition now, we have entered the race with our customised, purple ducks.

The Ewell Court Duck Race raises money for Casey Children’s ward at Epsom Hospital to buy beds for the parents of sick children so that they can stay with their child overnight.

The Personal Agent corporate responsability

The Personal Agent's Duck Team

The Personal Agent’s ducks have been spotted on their way to and from race training on the 15th April this year and also helping out in the office.

The Personal Agent's Ducks in the Office

The Personal Agent's ducks

The Personal Agent's Ducks Return to the Office

The Ewell Court Residents’ Association (ECRA) have confirmed that The Duck Race is on Easter Saturday 19th April from 12 midday, race starts at 2pm. Most of the ducks have completed the first level of training and are doing well!

The race is expected to be challenging as many of the local businesses have showed interest in this year’s race and duck owners have been preparing their champions for a win. Here is what some of them had to say:

Fabiano Del Gaudio I’m just back from Italy… I’ve been there only to buy some local, secret ingredients to feed my ducklets … See you there… Needless to say, mine, will be the most glorious ducklets of the ECRA history’’

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10 years of The Personal Agent – time to celebrate and give back!

Published on 7th April 2014

We are proud to announce that this April ‘The Personal Agent’ is 10 years old! The success we enjoy today we owe not only to our hard work and professional employees, but to the support and trust of you and our local community. For this we cannot thank you enough!

To celebrate our 10 years anniversary and business success, we have decided to offer our clients the chance to win some fantastic prizes, the biggest of which a fantastic, new car. Anybody who instructs us to sell their property from the 6th April 2014 and exchanges before or on December the 19th 2014 through one of our three branches, will be entered into a prize draw with the opportunity to win a brand new Fiat 500 amongst other great prizes. The draw will take place on December 20th 2014.

We started ‘The Personal Agent’ this month, 10 years ago with our office on Epsom High street. At the time we had no properties, no applicants or clients, but we knew the demand was there and felt a huge desire to offer people a young, dynamic and professional Estate agency. Our ambition was to offer people a superior service to what was currently offered in the area.

We received mixed views when we set out to setup the business: “You need a high street shop front”, “You need much deeper pockets”, “There is already too much competition“…they said, but we were determined.

Over the years we have grown to be one of the largest and most successful Estate Agencies in the area in 2014. We have three local high street sales offices (Epsom, Ewell, and Stoneleigh), a removals company and our Lettings and Management department is expanding at such rate that we are now opening a new office on Epsom High Street on the 8th April 2014. As part of our corporate responsibility, every year we aim to give back to the community by donating funds to local charities, supporting local schools fetes and fairs, and donating prizes for raffles. What is more, we have decided to run a raffle of our own!!

Lettings Office

The Personal Agent Lettings Office

We would also like to mention the hugely successful partnership that has been formed with Ignite Financial Services. With over 10 years’ experience in the financial industry they provide individually tailored advice for first time buyers, home movers, investors or clients looking to remortgage.


Instruct The Personal Agent today and be in with a chance of winning a Fantastic Fiat 500!



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New Lettings Office Opening Soon!

Published on 10th March 2014

We’re expanding!

Due to the continued success of our Lettings and Management department we are opening a new Office in the heart of Epsom very soon.

Continue reading

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The Personal Agent Flyer Sml

The Right People With The Right Experience

Published on 27th January 2014

Have you seen Epsom, Ewell and Stoneleigh recently? Noticed one or two boards up with the vibrant purple and gold insignia of The Personal Agent? You’re not alone, once again The Personal Agent has been independently verified as the leading Estate Agency in the Area, with more sold signs that any other. On this auspicious occasion we’ve had a glitzy new flyer printed to let everyone know!

Really though, it’s all about you the aspiring property owners and sellers. We work hard, really hard, to make sure that we know exactly what you want to achieve and then work even harder to exceed your expectations. So a big thank you to the local area for making us your number one agent.

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Why you should want to get to know your Estate Agent

Published on 24th January 2014

Buying, selling or renting a property can be a lengthy process, especially if you have something specific in mind, so having a trust worthy estate agent working hard for you can be a real asset. This article explores the benefits that you can reap from a good agent and some of the common and silly stereotypical scenarios that might prevent you from utilising a good Estate Agency service.

So what might you have heard? Everyone has heard of the nightmare experiences and desperate measures that agents can go to get that sale at any cost, right? Well here are a few for you to check out and the reality of the situation.

Let start with the old trick of a colleague calling the agent while you’re on a viewing to tell you that an offer has gone down, does it really happen? Well in reality it’s not likely. Estate Agents don’t earn commission as a team they earn it individually; there is no incentive to notify a colleague while they’re out on a viewing as they want their offer to be accepted rather than the prompting those on a viewing to place an offer. If there is a genuine customer calling in they still need to submit their offer in writing, which means there is time.

What about multiple viewings converging at once? At any given time there will be a limit to the number of X bed properties on the market that are of the quality and in the location that a customer requires. When one comes along that naturally has all the required features that 9/10 people want, your agent and everyone else’s agent will want to get you through the door as quickly as possible. It is also likely that an agency will only have one set of keys so it’s only natural that cross-overs of appointments do happen.

Why do agents show me properties I can’t afford? It’s really an exercise in managing expectations of the property hunter. Anyone looking for a property will usually compromise on one of three things; Price, Place or Property. For those that refuse to budge on any of their criteria and expect that it’s a matter of time before the dream home comes to the market, showing what it costs to get the perfect home can help customers shift their expectations accordingly, which will be a compromise on one of the 3 P’s. At the end of the day 90% of people compromise in one way or another but a customer will need to see a range of properties at and above their budget to judge the market and make an informed decision.

Okay we’ve heard enough about what goes on, so what are the benefits of good agent? It’s all really down to communication and transparency and OCCASIONALLY a murky hazy opaque sort of area to get things over the line… Kidding, it’s definitely about transparency. Like we’ve said without seeing properties you won’t be able to judge the market but in the beginning you will probably be shown the best properties anyway. So this is where a good agent comes in? First of all you get high levels of service, someone who takes the time to get to know you in order to understand not just the property you want but the reasons that you are moving, such as work situation or your transportation, can have profound effect on your outlook of any given property. Someone who aim to get to know you as a person, as it is important to judge accurately how you need your agent to interact with you. This means when you get a call from us about a property you are genuinely excited because you know it will be as close to right as possible.

So all that said and done, we’d like to introduce you to The Personal Agent team. We champion service and attention to detail so you can find the right property for you with the minimum fuss and maximum enjoyment, after all finding a new property is an exciting experience. Without further ado click here to meet the team.

the personal agent team

Meet The Estate Agents


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The Personal Agent Sponsor Epsom Primary School Christmas Fair

Published on 23rd December 2013

The Personal Agent team where delighted to donate the main prize for the Epsom Primary School Christmas Fair. £2400.00 was raised and is going towards musical instruments and an outdoor learning area. The school chairlady Sarah Covey, and all of the children, were kind enough to send a lovely “thank you” Christmas card, which is now enhancing our Epsom office.


Christmas School Fair

(Christmas Card)

Rupert Briggs (Director of The Personal Agent) commented: “We were very proud to provide the children of Epsom Primary school with a gift and it is great to help raise money for a local school”.

We would like to wish all of our clients, followers, fans, supporters and partners a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year.

If one of your plans for the New Year is to find a new home, or you would like to connect with us and keep an eye on the local area and property market trends you can keep in touch via Facebook, twitter or Google +. For a more personal service and advice, whether you are considering selling your property or lettings it, please contact us by email or call one of your local offices.

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Full time negotiator required for our busy Epsom office

Published on 16th December 2013

Due to an increasingly busy market The Personal Agent are looking for a negotiator to join their busy Epsom branch.

Experience is not necessary, but would be preferred.

You must be hard working, hold a full driving licence with own car, and most importantly have a desire to succeed. Excellent prospects.

Please email your CV’s over to

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2014 What to expect1

What will 2014 have in store for the property market?

Published on 26th November 2013

Depending on which reports you read, there are mixed views about how the property market will progress in the next year and indeed over the next few years. It is expected that by the end of 2013 the property market nationally will have risen somewhere between 3.5% and 6%. The introduction of ‘Help to Buy’ which has significantly stimulated first time buyers’ ability to get on the ladder, is seen in some circles to be the stimulus for another bubble. The other perspective is that looking at interest rate movements and an expectation of a rise next year, will temper demand to a certain extent and slow the growth in price rises. None the less Hamptons and Savills are expecting healthy national increases of around 6% and 6.5% respectively.

So what might we expect from the Epsom, Ewell and Stoneleigh property market? In our micro environment of property investment, over the last year we’ve seen significant rises in property values of 10% and in some cases much more. The perception is that as long as rates remain low the market will remain extremely buoyant. However if rates do rise in the next year which it is expected they will, it will certainly make people think about the investment.

The converse reaction to increased prices in the housing market is that those who had been sat on their properties might be tempted to look at becoming a seller, so making the market more fluid, the effect being a higher rate of sales over the next year.

There are a number of factors that have played a part locally in the drive of property prices in 2013; the first notable factor is that demand far outweighs supply. The second is that the main supply of investors in the local area is London. Wealthy investors looking to move into a more tranquil yet well serviced area is pushing demand hard and with the London economy expected to have grown 2% by the end of this year and 3.8% by the end of 2014, we can expect continuation of the pattern.

What makes Epsom attractive to live in? Epsom is within the commuter belt of London and access is comprehensive; Epsom station is tipped to become the next area outside of London to be accessible by Oyster in Zone 6 and can reach both Victoria and Waterloo in, most cases, less than 40 minutes. The schools are also an attractive feature of the area, with many couples planning families looking to move out of the city as a longer term plan for their children.

The expectation of 2014 in the local area regardless of what happens nationally is that we will see another year of consistent rises in house prices and demand in the area retaining its position over supply. If interest rates do rise as expected, it is unlikely to deter affluent Londoners looking to retreat to the country and getting what they want. It also means however that those on a lower budget will continue to fuel property prices in the surrounding areas too, we might well see those looking to make a margin of their existing property in Epsom prospecting elsewhere to crystallize the house price difference, which as we said earlier will increase the rate of sales in the local area.

Rupert Briggs: Director the Personal Agent – Comments On The Epsom Property Market

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Property Search Epsom

Halloween Property Search

Published on 30th October 2013

With the Government help to buy scheme making it easier to get onto the property ladder properties are selling frighteningly fast. So this Halloween come on down to The Personal Agent for the most fiendishly good selection of haunted mansions and torturous crypts in the Epsom, Ewell and Spookleigh area.

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Only 5% deposit needed to buy your dream home!

Published on 16th October 2013

Borrowers will be able to apply for mortgages through the second part of Help to Buy from 7th Of October – three months earlier than planned.

Originally, the Government planned to launch the scheme in January but the Treasury announced lenders would be able to begin writing loans through the scheme from 7th of October, although they will not be able to purchase the Government guarantee that underpins the loans until January, when the scheme officially launches.

The mortgage guarantee version of Help to Buy allows borrowers purchase any property worth up to £600,000 with a 5 per cent deposit. It will be available for three years up to January 2017. Once the borrower has gathered their deposit, the Government will then provide the lender with a guarantee for up to 15 per cent of the property’s value, in return for a fee. This will help number of people that want to make the next move in the property market.

We will have access to all the lenders that are participating in this scheme. For further information please contact Mike Poskovic at Ignite Financial Services, 01372 940 152 or

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