Increasing Demand Sees Number of Buy-To-Let Mortgages Soar

Published on 14th August 2014

New research carried out by has revealed that the current demand for rental properties in the UK has resulted in a surge in Buy-To-Let mortgages being offered to landlords. The number of Buy-To-Let mortgages available is now at its highest level since before the Financial Crash.

The research has shown that the number of mortgage products being offered is at 665, which is compared to 2008 where there was 686 But-To-Let mortgages on the market.

Mortgages For Business believes the prevalence of 5 year fixed-rate mortgages is driving much of the increase. With David Whittaker its Managing Director stating that: “Recent feedback from our landlord customers identified that 34% would currently choose 5-year fixed rates, not only because they are competitively priced, but also to protect themselves against pending rate rises.”

Increase the value of your property

Sylvia Waycot, editor of, also talked about the recent upswing in the number of mortgage products being offered by saying: “Lender interest in the Buy-To-Let market may be fuelled by the knowledge that it falls outside of the recent Mortgage Market Review.”

“This makes the process of granting any Buy-To-Let mortgage quicker and simpler as it is not subject to the new affordability criteria that is starting to clog up the mainstream mortgage market.”

Waycot goes on to say that whilst the government’s help-to-buy scheme is attracting more people to the housing market, the recent Mortgage Market Review is inhibiting that initial success.

“The advent of the Mortgage Market Review is acting almost like a contradiction as it is putting the brakes on the process. The funding element, although sensible, is making it harder for some people to get on the housing ladder.”

“Ultimately this all points to the Buy-To-Let market being here to stay and to remain attractive to lenders, hence the surge in products on offer for landlords who seem assured of a healthy supply of tenants.”

Great news for landlords then, who can continue to make the most of a steady and growing number of people looking to rent, with an ever increasing range of products to choose from.

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Demand for Rented Properties Continues to Rise

Published on 6th August 2014

The number of people looking for housing in the private rented sector is set to rise further according to recent research. In HomeLet’s recent Rental Index, Martin Totty, Chief Executive of Barbon Insurance Group, noted how rents increased 7.5% in May year on year. In 2014 the average cost of a rental property was £846 compared with £787 the previous year, with East Anglia showing the biggest increase.

Totty went on to say that whilst the ever increasing demand for rented properties was clear, the reasons for this were not. “What we don’t know is if it’s increasing incomes driving the increase in rents or if the rental market is attracting new renters who may be opting to rent rather than buy, either through preference or as a result of the recent sharp increase in house prices.”

How to Increase the value of your home

Susan Hind, Managing Director of Bespoke Lettings, believes it’s the latter. She says that in the wake of the financial crisis in 2008 which caused the housing market to plummet, the rental market, by comparison, showed significant increases. Speaking of conditions in Liverpool and the North West, Hind says that the demand for rented properties has increased as people struggle to find viable ways of getting onto the housing ladder.

“Despite government schemes put in place to help first-time buyers, many of them still opt for the rental market in order to avoid high-priced deposits and long, 30 year agreements.”

“The private rented sector has certainly flourished in recent years, reflecting a national trend. Consequently, we have seen an increased demand for rental properties across the North West, which is fantastic for landlords.”

Mr Totty said HomeLet’s figures are good news for Buy-To-Let investors and this steady growth compares favourably with the fluctuations seen in house prices recently. He also suggested more rental properties could soon come to the market, particularly if pension-savers choose to take advantage of annuity reforms by investing in the sector.

This trend follows on from findings revealed in May by the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association. They estimate that over half of all UK homes will be rented by 2032 if the current preference towards rented properties continues.

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Why are tenant disputes so common and what causes them?

Published on 1st August 2014

Agents and tenants alike have all had disputes at one time or another but why are they so common and what causes these to occur in the first place.

Damage is the major cause of tenancy disputes with over 50% of landlords typically having experienced issues. It can be very expensive to repair any damage so landlords, tenants and letting agents often find it hard to agree on who should pick up the bill.

The Personal Agent recommends that parties ensure a professional inventory is drawn up at the start of a tenancy clearly stating what condition the property and its furnishings are in. This way, when a tenant checks out all the items on the list can be ticked off and any discrepancies cannot be disputed as all parties have signed off the list.

Obviously there will always be a certain degree of wear and tear through a tenancy so this should be clearly stipulated in the agreement so tenants understand their responsibilities.

Tenants are sometimes presented with cleaning bills at the end of the tenancy as there is confusion about whose responsibility it is to keep the property clean. This is a common problem in shared houses where there are communal areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Communication and clear terms in the tenancy agreement should help to reduce these issues.

Last but not least, late payment of rent to a landlord or the deposit back to a tenant not only causes a headache but can lead to even costlier legal action. Late payments can often drag on and be over a month late with extreme cases lasting even longer.  Landlords should try to make sure they have as good a relationship as possible with their tenants as this makes it easier to establish a relationship and have a reasonable conversation if something does go wrong.

Should it come to having to serve a notice, this should use clear language that makes it plain the individual stands to be evicted if they continue to fail to pay their rent.

All deposits now have to be secured in an approved scheme, which makes it much less likely there will be a dispute. If deductions do need to be made the tenant should be given a clear understanding of why and this should link back to the original tenancy agreement written in clear English without too much legal jargon.

Dealing with tenant disputes isn’t always pleasant but tackling them quickly and taking the right action can make all the difference.

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Your Property Superheroes

Your Property Superheroes!

Published on 21st July 2014

The Personal Agent is pleased to introduce our latest poster campaign introducing our sales, lettings and removals services from offices based in Epsom, West Ewell and Stoneleigh.

We feel that we are unique in the local property market, an independent agent who has grown through success, but who pride ourselves on our professional and friendly service.

Having trouble selling your home, call your property superheroes today!

View the poster here.

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Experience Negotiator Required in Epsom

The Personal Agent Marketing Package

Published on 17th July 2014

There are a vast number of estate agents for you to pick from, giving you the opportunity to evaluate and choose the best offer for you.

At The Personal Agent we hope we can help you with your evaluation process by showing you our marketing package all in one document, so you can see the services you will receive from us as part of your decision to sell your property with us.

The Marketing Package will show you the tools and channels we use to sell your property faster than other estate agencies. The balanced combination of online and offline marketing channels we use allows us to reach the specific audience that will be interested in your home, making the selling process easier and smoother.

The Marketing Package is available to view here.


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TPA Property app logo 3

Sell Your Home Guide

Published on 4th July 2014

The Personal Agent has created a comprehensive ‘Sell your Home Guide’ where you, as a Surrey home vendor, will find all the useful and necessary information you will need to sell your home quickly and effectively.

This guide consists of a list of general selling procedures that highlight the journey each person will go through once they have decided to sell a property.

Our initial seller guide starts with market research recommendations, which advises vendors to conduct initial property market research using reputable and neutral authority sites.

Then the ‘Sell Your Home Guide’ explains the selling process step by step, whether you choose to use the Personal Agent (which we hope you will) or another estate agency. This will give you an idea of the timings and the actions involved in the selling process, so you can plan your time, efforts and resources in the most effective and efficient way, hopefully saving you unnecessary surprises!

Finally, this guide will offer you the most detailed set of tools and supplies you will need to allow you to recruit the various parties, such as solicitors, early in the selling process. This will allow you to enter the negotiation process as prepared as possible and reduce the stress that is usually involved with it.

We hope you enjoy and benefit from this guide. You can access the guide here.


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Blue Porsche

The 2014 Supercar Event

Published on 25th June 2014

Once again The Personal Agent took part in the annual Supercar Event at Dunsford Park on Saturday the 21 and Sunday 22 June in aid of The Children’s Trust Tadworth. The event is always hugely popular amongst car enthusiasts and whole families gathered for two days of action with over 16,000 attending over the two days.

Over 120 drivers raced around the track each day with approximately 480 volunteers making sure everything ran smoothly.

The Children’s Trust were very appreciative of our help:

“On behalf of the committee and all the children and staff at The Children’s Trust, a very, very big THANK YOU for your involvement in The Supercar Event at the weekend. Without you and your cars, we simply wouldn’t have an event, so thank you. We were thrilled to have such a fantastic turnout of cars – the pit queue was probably one of the world’s most expensive traffic jams!”

Chris Evans’ own LaFerrari was one of the cars available and raised over £5000 single-handedly. Overall £90,000 has been pledged to the The Children’s Trust which is a fantastic achievement!


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Lettice at Britain's Got Talent

The Personal Agent’s Family Has Got Talent

Published on 29th May 2014

We are extremely pleased to see Lettice, who is a cousin of one of The Personal Agent’s directors, performing so well on Britain’s Got Talent. See her brilliant performance below, we are very proud of her:

After her amazing performance, the skilful and smiley Lettice is back tonight at 7:30 pm in the semi-finals.


Posh violinist Lettice Rowbotham gives the Judges something new

Lettice at Britain's Got Talent

The Personal Agent wants to wish Lettice the best of luck on tonight’s show (Thursday 29th May). The whole company is behind her and wish her the best of luck.

Sherree Valentine Daines daughter Lettice

We hope that you agree with us and if you are watching tonight, vote for Lettice too!

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Let your property with the Personal Agent

Property Let Alert:

Published on 27th May 2014

To all landlords looking to let their property to professional and reliable tenants:

The Personal Agent urgently requires properties to let to their increasing database of individual and corporate tenants in Epsom, Ewell and Stoneleigh.

As a TPA landlord you will benefit from higher rents while keeping the property management costs to the minimum, and we are pleased to be able to offer very competitive fees until the end of May.  Please call the lettings team on 01372 726 666 and to find out more about how we can let your property, stress and hassle free.


property lettings

Let Your Property With Us



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The Personal Agent Selling Competition

Win a New Car With The Personal Agent

Published on 7th May 2014

We’re hoping our anniversary competition to win a car will be a dream come true for one lucky customer!  A number of local people including Mr Andrew Davidson, Ms Sarah Constantino and Mr and Mrs Wilkins have already successfully sold their homes with us, with the added bonus of being in with a chance of owning a brand new Fiat 500.

We’re hoping our anniversary competition to win a car will be a dream come true for one lucky customer!  A number of local people including Mr Andrew Davidson, Ms Sarah Constantino and Mr and Mrs Wilkins have already successfully sold their homes with us, with the added bonus of being in with a chance of owning a brand new Fiat 500.

For those who wish to sell their property quickly, professionally and effortlessly this is a win-win situation. You could achieve the price you desire for your home, whilst having a chance to drive to your new home in the Fiat 500.

If you want to enter all you have to do is complete on a property sold through us before December the 19th 2014 and you will be automatically entered into the prize draw to win a car, or one of the many other prizes we will be giving away until the end of the year.


Good luck!

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