Oakton Developments

Great News on our Oakton Developments!

Published on 18th September 2014

The Personal Agent is pleased to announce we have now sold over half of the Oakton Developments on Elizabeth Place. This is just one example of the targeted success our bespoke marketing packages can deliver. If you’d like more information on our excellent range of marketing options you can visit our page here.

If you haven’t had the opportunity already to familiarise yourself with the Oakton Developments but are interested in designer properties in Surrey, then you’ll love what each of these properties has to offer.

Made up of 6 superb 2 bedroom apartments complete with fitted kitchens, underground parking and communal, landscaped gardens. Each apartment comes with a spacious living room, a dining area for socialising and two double bedrooms and bathrooms, including an en-suite and master bathroom.

Our New Homes Team has been responsible for the sale of a number of new and exciting properties and thanks to their expertise and passion for delivering excellence, our clients have reaped the benefits of specialist, property marketing campaigns.

By utilising their skills we can provide you with a wide reaching campaign that will give your developments the level of exposure they deserve. For an idea of the high level of customer service provided by our New Homes team as well as by everyone at The Personal Agent, visit our Testimonials page to see what our clients had to say about our great work.

If you would like to know more about these lavish developments or our New Homes Team, contact our sales department on 01372 745 850, or email them at to find out more.

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Vacancy – Experienced Lettings Negotiator

Published on 11th September 2014

Our lettings department is growing from strength to strength. Having recently moved into new premises, we are now seeking a further experienced lettings negotiator to join the team. Excellent prospects for the right applicant.

To find out more please email

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Valuer needed for our Epsom Office

Published on 9th September 2014

Due to The Personal Agents continued expansion we are seeking a Valuer for our busy Epsom Office.

The successful individual must have a proven track record, be dynamic, and able to work in a fast moving environment.

This is an excellent opportunity to join a fast growing company with great career prospects.

To find out more please email your CV to

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wedding snap 4

Cheryl and Andrew Tie The Knot!

Published on 5th September 2014

We’re pleased to announce that The Personal Agent’s very own Cheryl and Andrew have recently celebrated getting married!

Speaking about the special occasion Cheryl, who works as part of our Lettings Team said, “It was an extremely early start as we got married in London at 11am (my hairdresser came at 5am!).

“The weather was absolutely beautiful, not a drop of rain despite the heavens opening on Friday and Sunday.

“We got married in the OBE Chapel at St Paul’s Cathedral and had our reception at Box Hill School in Dorking, where Andrew grew up.

“Andrew proposed to me in Central Park in New York, it was amazing and I really wasn’t expecting it!”

Everyone at The Personal Agent would like to congratulate them on their special day and wish them all the best for the future.

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House Buyers Making Snap Decisions

Published on 28th August 2014

A new report conducted by Aviva has found that on average people spend just ‘33 minutes’ looking at a new house before making a decision on whether to purchase. This is in addition to findings that state nearly a quarter of people looking at houses had only viewed a property once before buying.

The survey reveals a market of house-hunters spending less and less time making a decision on whether a house is right for them before committing to a final decision.

The survey cited a perceived increase in competition for properties as a main factor in why people were spending less time on assessing a house. With the increased cost of housing and the lack of new homes adding to the pressure on buyers to snap up the best available properties.

The survey highlighted that 65% of people who bought a property 20 years ago said there’d been “not much” or “no competition” for homes, whilst only 46% of people who’d bought a home recently agreed that this was still the case today.

The worry is that people may no longer be spending enough time considering the benefits and pitfalls of, what is for many, the biggest financial commitment of their lives.

Yet whilst the findings suggest people are spending less time making decisions about their new homes, this is tempered by the fact that this is a relatively minor decrease on how long people have typically spent looking at houses in the past.

Of the 4,000 homeowners surveyed by Aviva, those who bought a home 10-20 years ago took around 39 minutes to view a home, whilst those who purchased a home 6-10 years ago estimated that they took an average of 35 minutes to view a property.

So whilst the current conditions in the housing market may be causing purchasers to make faster choices before buying a home, it may also simply be the result of a world in which people are living ever busier lives and are having less time to put towards searching for their new home.

For that reason we aim to provide all our clients with an informative and effective service, delivering to you only the best properties in the right price brackets, ensuring your search is made as quick and simple as possible. To get started on your property search check out our Property Search tool in the home page.

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Increasing Demand Sees Number of Buy-To-Let Mortgages Soar

Published on 14th August 2014

New research carried out by has revealed that the current demand for rental properties in the UK has resulted in a surge in Buy-To-Let mortgages being offered to landlords. The number of Buy-To-Let mortgages available is now at its highest level since before the Financial Crash.

The research has shown that the number of mortgage products being offered is at 665, which is compared to 2008 where there was 686 But-To-Let mortgages on the market.

Mortgages For Business believes the prevalence of 5 year fixed-rate mortgages is driving much of the increase. With David Whittaker its Managing Director stating that: “Recent feedback from our landlord customers identified that 34% would currently choose 5-year fixed rates, not only because they are competitively priced, but also to protect themselves against pending rate rises.”

Increase the value of your property

Sylvia Waycot, editor of, also talked about the recent upswing in the number of mortgage products being offered by saying: “Lender interest in the Buy-To-Let market may be fuelled by the knowledge that it falls outside of the recent Mortgage Market Review.”

“This makes the process of granting any Buy-To-Let mortgage quicker and simpler as it is not subject to the new affordability criteria that is starting to clog up the mainstream mortgage market.”

Waycot goes on to say that whilst the government’s help-to-buy scheme is attracting more people to the housing market, the recent Mortgage Market Review is inhibiting that initial success.

“The advent of the Mortgage Market Review is acting almost like a contradiction as it is putting the brakes on the process. The funding element, although sensible, is making it harder for some people to get on the housing ladder.”

“Ultimately this all points to the Buy-To-Let market being here to stay and to remain attractive to lenders, hence the surge in products on offer for landlords who seem assured of a healthy supply of tenants.”

Great news for landlords then, who can continue to make the most of a steady and growing number of people looking to rent, with an ever increasing range of products to choose from.

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Demand for Rented Properties Continues to Rise

Published on 6th August 2014

The number of people looking for housing in the private rented sector is set to rise further according to recent research. In HomeLet’s recent Rental Index, Martin Totty, Chief Executive of Barbon Insurance Group, noted how rents increased 7.5% in May year on year. In 2014 the average cost of a rental property was £846 compared with £787 the previous year, with East Anglia showing the biggest increase.

Totty went on to say that whilst the ever increasing demand for rented properties was clear, the reasons for this were not. “What we don’t know is if it’s increasing incomes driving the increase in rents or if the rental market is attracting new renters who may be opting to rent rather than buy, either through preference or as a result of the recent sharp increase in house prices.”

How to Increase the value of your home

Susan Hind, Managing Director of Bespoke Lettings, believes it’s the latter. She says that in the wake of the financial crisis in 2008 which caused the housing market to plummet, the rental market, by comparison, showed significant increases. Speaking of conditions in Liverpool and the North West, Hind says that the demand for rented properties has increased as people struggle to find viable ways of getting onto the housing ladder.

“Despite government schemes put in place to help first-time buyers, many of them still opt for the rental market in order to avoid high-priced deposits and long, 30 year agreements.”

“The private rented sector has certainly flourished in recent years, reflecting a national trend. Consequently, we have seen an increased demand for rental properties across the North West, which is fantastic for landlords.”

Mr Totty said HomeLet’s figures are good news for Buy-To-Let investors and this steady growth compares favourably with the fluctuations seen in house prices recently. He also suggested more rental properties could soon come to the market, particularly if pension-savers choose to take advantage of annuity reforms by investing in the sector.

This trend follows on from findings revealed in May by the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association. They estimate that over half of all UK homes will be rented by 2032 if the current preference towards rented properties continues.

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Why are tenant disputes so common and what causes them?

Published on 1st August 2014

Agents and tenants alike have all had disputes at one time or another but why are they so common and what causes these to occur in the first place.

Damage is the major cause of tenancy disputes with over 50% of landlords typically having experienced issues. It can be very expensive to repair any damage so landlords, tenants and letting agents often find it hard to agree on who should pick up the bill.

The Personal Agent recommends that parties ensure a professional inventory is drawn up at the start of a tenancy clearly stating what condition the property and its furnishings are in. This way, when a tenant checks out all the items on the list can be ticked off and any discrepancies cannot be disputed as all parties have signed off the list.

Obviously there will always be a certain degree of wear and tear through a tenancy so this should be clearly stipulated in the agreement so tenants understand their responsibilities.

Tenants are sometimes presented with cleaning bills at the end of the tenancy as there is confusion about whose responsibility it is to keep the property clean. This is a common problem in shared houses where there are communal areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Communication and clear terms in the tenancy agreement should help to reduce these issues.

Last but not least, late payment of rent to a landlord or the deposit back to a tenant not only causes a headache but can lead to even costlier legal action. Late payments can often drag on and be over a month late with extreme cases lasting even longer.  Landlords should try to make sure they have as good a relationship as possible with their tenants as this makes it easier to establish a relationship and have a reasonable conversation if something does go wrong.

Should it come to having to serve a notice, this should use clear language that makes it plain the individual stands to be evicted if they continue to fail to pay their rent.

All deposits now have to be secured in an approved scheme, which makes it much less likely there will be a dispute. If deductions do need to be made the tenant should be given a clear understanding of why and this should link back to the original tenancy agreement written in clear English without too much legal jargon.

Dealing with tenant disputes isn’t always pleasant but tackling them quickly and taking the right action can make all the difference.

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Your Property Superheroes

Your Property Superheroes!

Published on 21st July 2014

The Personal Agent is pleased to introduce our latest poster campaign introducing our sales, lettings and removals services from offices based in Epsom, West Ewell and Stoneleigh.

We feel that we are unique in the local property market, an independent agent who has grown through success, but who pride ourselves on our professional and friendly service.

Having trouble selling your home, call your property superheroes today!

View the poster here.

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Experience Negotiator Required in Epsom

The Personal Agent Marketing Package

Published on 17th July 2014

There are a vast number of estate agents for you to pick from, giving you the opportunity to evaluate and choose the best offer for you.

At The Personal Agent we hope we can help you with your evaluation process by showing you our marketing package all in one document, so you can see the services you will receive from us as part of your decision to sell your property with us.

The Marketing Package will show you the tools and channels we use to sell your property faster than other estate agencies. The balanced combination of online and offline marketing channels we use allows us to reach the specific audience that will be interested in your home, making the selling process easier and smoother.

The Marketing Package is available to view here.


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