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Lettings News Roundup! 24th April

Published on 24th April 2015

Here’s our collection of the latest news from the world of lettings including the success landlords are enjoying, the continued increases in rental demand, how letting properties are forming the bulk of people’s pensions and how buy to let has provided the greatest return in the past 18 years.

Buy-to-let landlords benefit from booming property market as returns of nearly 1,400% since 1996 beat all other investments
 Mon, 13 Apr 2015

Halifax said its latest Generation Rent report strengthened the view that more people may be giving up on owning their own home and were instead accepting long-term renting. It found that the proportion of people aged between 20-45 putting money aside

Investing in property started to become popular in 1996 with the launch of the buy-to-let mortgage initiative by the Association of Residential Letting Agents and leading buy-to-let mortgage lenders.

Rented property demand rises and so do rents, says Sequence
Thu, 02 April 2015

Demand for rented property has increased, according to new research from Sequence. The latest report from the organisation, which has been highlighted by Property Reporter, shows the number of people looking for a rental home has grown by seven per cent over the past year.

Supply has fallen by 17 per cent in the same period, meaning an average of five tenants are in competition for every property on the market, up from just over four in March 2014.

Buy-to-lets are sole pensions for most landlords
 Mon, 13 April 2015

The new pension freedoms that came into force last week, could trigger a huge interest in over 55’s becoming buy-to-let landlords for the first time. New research shows that for 70 per cent of younger landlords, their buy-to-let portfolio is their only pension fund.

18 year comparison index shows UK buy to let outstripping other asset classes
 Mon, 13 April 2015

Buy to let in the UK over the past 18 years has provided average returns that outstrip those of other major asset classes, new research shows.

Every £1,000 invested in an average buy to let property purchased with a 75% loan to value (LTV) mortgage in the final quarter of 1996 would have been worth £14,897 by the final quarter of 2014, a compound annual return of 16.2%.

Rents up 15% since last election Thu, 24 April 2015

A study by Your Move and Reed Rains has shown that the average cost of rent has increased by 15%. The price of rented accommodation has rise from £667 to £768, which works at 3.6% higher than the rate of inflation.

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Shaun Young The Personal Agent

London to Paris: Fundraising with Shaun Young

Published on 15th April 2015

In February The Personal Agent was contacted by Shaun Young who explained that he was aiming to raise money for charities and after mentioning that he’d used us to buy his second home he asked if we’d be interested in sponsoring him.
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Winners of the Grant and Valentine Rocking Horse

Published on 8th April 2015

Back in December The Personal Agent celebrated its 10th Anniversary by giving away a host of great prizes, one of which was a handmade rocking horse crafted by the good folks at Grant and Valentine.

The lucky winners were Mr & Mrs Ramsey, who were over the moon with the rocking horse saying, “The horse will come in handy as we are expecting a baby in May, thank you again!”

The horse took 3 months to build and looks fantastic. For those interested in owning their own hand-made, luxury rocking horse, we encourage you to visit our friends over at Grant and Valentine for a wonderful selection of lovingly crafted, traditional rocking horses.

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Surge Lettings Market TPA

Looking at the Surge in the Lettings Market

Published on 19th March 2015

With the increase in the number of people renting and the amount of people looking to let out their properties following suit, we’ve looked at what’s driving the surge in popularity and why more and more people are looking to the private rented sector as their long term means of accommodation.

People Looking for Alternatives to Home Ownership

Due to rising house prices, the amount of time and money it now requires to save for a home and the stricter lending criteria for receiving a mortgage, many have seen renting a far more attractive proposition. In comparison to the housing market, the availability of properties in the PRS is far greater and the barriers to getting the property you want, far fewer, and this has to the rapid numbers of people going down the route of renting.

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Blue Sky Cloud TPA

Buying or Selling This Spring? Why using an Estate Agent is still Vital

Published on 13th March 2015

In today’s property landscape there’s an ever increasing number of ways to buy or sell your home; with the emergence of online property portals and even online estate agents, many have been quick to cast doubt over the continued importance the traditional agent has in the real estate process. But the reality is that to receive the most effective, professional and – what we consider – the best real estate service, there’s still no substitute for hiring a dedicated agent.

While the internet has become a huge part of the buying and selling process, with house hunters across the country scouring every available portal and listing in a bid to get the edge over their competition, it is the vital role of the estate agent to ensure that all that available information is turned into practical, actionable advice, and ensuring the client makes the right decision and ends up with the outcome they want.

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TPA Home Buying 2015

How To Find Your Perfect Property In 2015

Published on 6th March 2015

With the increasing availability of mortgages in the New Year, more and more people are now looking to buy again. But in such a competitive environment it’s now become more important than ever for house hunters to find a property that’s perfect for them.

So we’re here to tell you how to find the right property in five easy steps, helping you to speed up the buying process without having to break the bank once you move in.

1. What to Consider

Getting a Mortgage

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TPA Race for Life

We’re Up And Running For This Year’s ‘Race for Life’

Published on 17th February 2015

We’re pleased to say the ladies in our lettings office will be taking part in this year’s Race for Life charity event, which is helping to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Cheryl, Ria and Lily will all be joining this year’s event which has been running since 1994 and has had over 5.4 million participants, raising over £362 million. You can read about their reasons for taking part on their page at JustGiving as well as showing them your support by making a donation.

Race for Life is one of the nation’s best loved fundraising events with thousands of women taking part each year. The event raises vital money for the life-saving work done by Cancer Research UK each year in preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer.

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Property News Round-Up!

Published on 13th February 2015

Here’s our collection of the latest news from the world of property and the private rented sector including the rise in demand for properties inside the commuter belt, the £22 billion invested in buy-to-let properties last year, what effect the election is (or isn’t) having on the property market and the return to growth in house prices in January.

Properties in London and the Commuter Belt see Rise in Demand

The next 12 months are set to see the price of prime rental properties in the capital and commuter belt rise by 2.5% according to research carried out by Savills. Whilst over the next 5 years an increase of 17.1% is expected in London and 15.9% for the areas surrounding the capital.

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TPA Stamp Duty Screen thumb

Download Our Free Stamp Duty Calculator!

Published on 28th January 2015

We’ve recently launched The Personal Agent’s Stamp Duty Calculator, a free App that is designed to help you quickly and easily calculate your stamp duty price. If you’re looking to buy a property in the area and would like a quick and easy way of working out how much Stamp Duty Land Tax you’ll have to pay under the new legislation, then download our Stamp Duty Calculator from the App Store.

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On The Market Logo Is Here!

Published on 23rd January 2015

With the New Year has come the launch of a major new UK property portal called, which will compete head-on with Rightmove and Zoopla.

At The Personal Agent, we pride ourselves on being progressive in our approach and we are delighted to have joined thousands of other prominent national, regional and local independent estate and letting agents in supporting the most important new venture of its type in many years.

We have reviewed our overall digital strategy and firmly believe that will rapidly become a major player in the market and a “must view” destination for serious property-seekers.

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